TheraTec Glove

TheraTec Gloves

Click below to watch Dr Conor O’Brien explaining the benefits of Theratec Gloves.

Golf injuries are on the rise due to increased playing and practice time. Lighter golf clubs allow for faster swing speeds putting strain on a player’s hands and wrists – 7 different elements of bone, soft tissue, and nerve reside in the pinkie side of the hand.
The TheraTec glove is constructed to assist in protecting these 7 structures from microtrauma during the golf swing. The wrist wrap style provides additional support throughout the wrist and hand. Also available in a non-wrist wrap style with all similar benefits.

  • Wrist injury;
  • Prevention & Rehab;
  • Medically designed;
  • Protects from Microtrauma;
  • All swing speeds;
  • Recover faster, play longer;
  • Great for practicing;
  • Copper Infused Lycra helps to soothe arthritic hands by reducing fatigue, stiffness, and soreness;
  • Developed in conjunction with Dr. Conor O’Brien.

Where Can I Buy The Theratec Gloves?

TheraTec Glove can be purchased online via Amazon, Walmart, and ZeroFriction: